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Tyler + Shawn

“Not only was it easy to fall in love with you, it’s been just as easy to stay in love with you through all the years.”

Back in August, we had the privilege of capturing Tyler and Shawn’s black tie affair in Silverton, Oregon. With excitement in the air and linens on the tables, we started the day with the typical preparations. What made the preparations not so typical however was that Tyler and Shawn got ready together, helping each other with their cufflinks, tightening their bow-ties, and swapping wit and sarcasm.

With ensembles fully donned, they exchanged gifts and letters — Tyler received Bond No. 9 Cologne, and Shawn a Ted Baker messenger bag. They went their separate ways to read their letters to each other, and in the interim, the guests arrived in droves.

Amidst the conversations and the musicality, the wedding guests found their seats, the music played on, and the processional began. Shawn walked arm and arm down the aisle with his father and sister, and shortly after, Tyler with his father and mother. Through tearful vows, and an exchanging of rings and promises, the two were announced newlyweds and we’re still smiling about it — we can’t help it!

As the evening continued, the toasts brought about laughter and the occasional need of a tissue, but ultimately, they brought a sense of love and warmth to not only Tyler and Shawn, but to everyone present as well. With toasts wrapped up and cake cut, the music cued the crowd to flood the dance floor, and they all did just that.

Suffice to say — love wins. We still can’t believe we were a part of this incredible day and we know their life together will be even more incredible each and every morning.

Photographer: Lyde & Wright Catering: Willaby’s Catering DJ: Paradox Productions Cake: Krystina Bielemeier Flowers: Christopher David


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