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Allie + G.K.

“On this slightly soggy, but Jewishly lucky late summer’s late afternoon…as hints of the coming change of season fill the air, we’ve gathered together to unite two lives.”

Last August, we looked at the weather forecast. Rain. Our ears confirmed it to be true, of course. A pitter patter of raindrops danced along our windows.

Seeing as we were about to go out and capture a mostly outdoor affair, we kept our fingers crossed that it would pass as quickly as it came. We packed up our gear and drove out to meet our married couple-to-be. We were met with high spirits and ear-to-ear smiles — this was still their wedding day, and nothing was going to change that. Their positive attitudes were infectious, and soon we were all laughing and ready for whatever was thrown our way. Fortunately, fifteen minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to begin, the rain dissipated.

Little did we know, this weather-fiasco was the start of something truly special.

The landscape glistened, the guests mingled, and love was in the air. From the moment that petty cab processional began, we knew this was going to become something incredible, but we’ll let the film say the rest.

We couldn’t be happier for them and we couldn’t be more excited to share their love story.

Coordinator: Bonsoiree Photographer: Jenny J


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