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Say Yes to First Looks

As wedding cinematographers, it should come as no surprise that we love a good first look. Capturing that first moment you see your soon-to-be spouse is truly magical and we’ve seen just about every priceless reaction out there. (Check out a few of our favorites below!) Not only does it add another special part to your film and is a moment of joy we love witnessing, but we believe doing a first look makes your wedding day run so much smoother. Here’s why.

Let’s face it, wedding days are nonstop, especially after you’ve said your vows and it’s time for the reception. There’s very little time to take a breath and have a moment with your other half. A first look will give you that time before events really get moving. It’s one of the only parts of your day that will be just be the two of you taking everything in and getting a chance to talk.

We’ve also seen that first looks can make walking down the aisle with all eyes on you much less nerve wracking. Even the most easy-going bride and groom get pre-ceremony jitters, but if you’ve already seen your betrothed, you’re able to relax as you take that walk and be more in the moment of seeing your friends and family for the first time that day.

Traditionally after the ceremony ends, guests head to the reception for cocktail hour and the couple takes most of that hour to knock out photos. We then often see many couples making rounds to say hello to their friends and family during dinner. But don’t you want to enjoy the special food you picked out for your big day? Don’t you want to have a cocktail and spend precious time with your guests? If you opt for a first look, you can get almost all of your photos finished before the ceremony begins, leaving you time to mingle during cocktail hour before dinner, toasts and dancing begin.

We’ve been filming weddings for more than seven years and can say that the more relaxed a couple is, the smoother the day goes. First looks are the perfect opportunity to share an intimate moment and allow for more breathing time in a day that is otherwise go-go-go.

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Monika + Dalton // Mt. Hood Organic Farms

Kelly + Zack // Bridal Veil Lakes

Colleen + Chris // FivePine Lodge

Poorni + Akash // Portland Art Museum


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