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Break With Tradition — Elope!

Have you always pictured traveling to a gorgeous and unique location to share your nuptials? Is a stress-free wedding day at the top of your priority list? Eloping makes this dream attainable, and we promise you won’t regret the outcome! Elopements are some of our favorite events to film. Their uniqueness and intimacy make for a truly special experience that we’re always thrilled to be a part of. Let us share a few reasons why we think this non-traditional trend is a great avenue to consider.

Reduce the stress of wedding planning
If seating plans, guest lists, design decisions and family politics stress you out, eloping is the perfect solution. The amount of planning is hugely minimized and the real reason for the day can shine through. However, hiring someone to document the event is a must! A videographer and photographer will ensure your ability to treasure the moments for the rest of your married life without the drama. We take a “fly on the wall” approach to filming and never interfere with the important moments taking place. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. It is much easier to coordinate only a few key vendors and keep the intimate, simple feel of your day the main focus. 

Location Oneonta Gorge | Photographer Jess Hunter

Pick the location you really want
One of our favorite parts of filming elopements is location. The possibilities are nearly endless! A destination you have always dreamed of becomes immediately affordable when you aren’t dragging 100 people there. Whether it be a far away dream destination atop a mountain or a local hidden gem, the real reward is having what you truly want. No need to worry about complicated logistics or other’s opinions when they day only involves the two of you. Another perk – you don’t have to say hi to every aunt and uncle, or visit all 25 guest tables. You now have the freedom to actually spend the day together and take in every moment. Ashley and Andrew traveled all the way from Chicago to elope in the Oneonta Gorge where they were only surrounded by the stunning scenery and their officiant as we captured the moment alongside photographer Jess Hunter. They completely surprised their family back home a few months later with the first viewing of their film! 

Spend the day focused on you and your partner
Tying the knot quietly allows you to have the most intimate and personal of ceremonies. Some couples choose to have an officiant present and some may not. This past season we had the pleasure of filming Brea and Tanner’s elopement, where they had each asked their brothers to take a hand in officiating. Personal and special moments like these mean so much in the memory of sharing your vows and expressing your love. With only a few people involved, most couples feel completely themselves and are able to be more present during this special time. Let’s not forget the whole reason that brought you here – each other!

Photographer Karina & Maks

Make your own rules
One of the best parts of eloping is that there are no rules! There are many variations to consider to create an experience that is best suited to you. Sara and Jeff invited their closest family to share in the day, then later held a reception where they screened the film of their elopement. Some may extend an invite to the elopement to a few friends, or completely skip everyone altogether and keep it simple with just the two of you. Sharing the joy later on is also common – hold a reception or plan an anniversary party if you still want to celebrate with all your friends and family. Many couples send out wedding announcements or share their films in a group setting to relive the elopement day.

Elopements are one of our favorite events to document as the intimacy is unmatched and we get to really bond with each couple. Whatever adventure you choose, the key is getting what you want and finding a perfect fit for your vision. We love to be part of unique and personal celebrations as they are always the best reflection of a couple.

Location Wahclella Falls | Photographer Dina Chmut

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