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The Art of the Wedding Toast

Constructing the perfect wedding toast tends to have a nerve-wracking reputation. The standards may seem pretty high when you are one of the honored few asked to speak of a new couple about to begin the rest of their lives together.


We are no stranger to a quality, heartfelt toast. They are some of the best story threads we use when creating films for our clients. Some of the best we have heard are simple, warm and sentimental. They stir happy emotions and leave us all in tears. If you have been asked to prepare a toast – relax! We have all the tips you need for a memorable speech.


Speak from the heart

Be genuine and sincere. All your words will begin to fall into place. The best toasts we have heard are honest, raw and true. Remember the newlyweds are excited to hear the sentiments they wouldn’t usually hear from you. These moments tend to be the most impactful! No need to tell 6 childhood stories that result in embarrassment. The couple deserves to be honored by your words. Many of our favorite toasters share succinct stories of their favorite memories with the bride or groom. In the clip below, Emma’s dad shared heartwarming memories he had with his daughter and used storytelling to deliver an emotional and loving toast.

Venue | Maysara Winery | Watch the Feature Film here.


Practice makes perfect

Stick to a script, and practice it! It may sounds fun to deliver an ‘off the cuff’ toast that leaves everyone in hysterics – but chances are, it will become a source of stress and instability. Take the time to really process what you will be saying in front of a room full of guests of all ages and relationships to the bride and groom. Remember to address everyone in the room, and there is no harm in jotting down an outline if needed! Be brief and mindful of time, 2-3 minutes is plenty of time to get your thoughts and feelings across. Jade’s maid of honor gave a well-practiced toast that addressed both her best friend and the man she was marrying. She made the entire room laugh at some points and cry at others with a poetic speech that truly encompassed her relationship with Jade.

Venue | Private Residence in West Linn, OR | Watch the Feature Film here.


Keep it clean

There may be an open bar, but let the fun begin after you have delivered the perfect toast. Stay clear headed and don’t drink prior. It would be most kind to remain complementary and appropriate – this means no talking about exes, embarrassing stories or inside jokes. Leave your ego at home and remember that everything you say should make the couple smile with gratitude. You are representing them! After all, you have been asked to prepare a toast because you are one of the most special people to be a part of their day. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t find a tasteful way to add humor to your speech. Madeline’s twin brother told a hilarious speech that resonated with the entire room. He stayed away from inside jokes and made a few playful jabs at his new brother-in-law, all while sharing touching sentiments about his sister.

Venue | Portland Art Museum | Watch the Feature Film here.


Are you the bride or groom?

Don’t be afraid to get up to the mic and address your guests! A simple ‘thank you’ for all the people that made your day come together is a must, but feel free to go beyond that. Wedding day toasts are a perfect opportunity to express how grateful you are for the loved ones who came to celebrate you! One of our favorite speeches came from Cameron, who chose to address his new wife, the wedding party, his family and his in-laws in a personal, touching toast brought the entire room (and us!) to tears. It’s a great example of speaking from the heart and breaking from the more traditional, quick ‘thank you’ toast.

Venue | Horning’s Hideout | Watch the Feature Film here.

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